About Us



To alleviate the shortage of healthcare workers ​while maintaining quality of patient care



Provide assistance to healthcare facilities through partnership, training, quality management and recruitment



To become an essential partner of every healthcare facility

Our Motivation

  1. There is a shortage of healthcare workers in the United States. The nursing assistant and home health aide occupation would need 1.1million new workers in the next decade. Other health care occupations need an additional 500,000 workers. There is a market for training new entrants to the healthcare field.
  2. “We are on the edge of a crisis, we are not prepared for what’s coming. Our concern is that the demand is going to outstrip the supply unless we see some dynamic changes occur.”
    – William Dombi, President of the National Association for Home Care & Hospice
  3. Today, there are more than 46 million older adults aged 65 and older living in the U.S.; by 2050, that number is expected to grow to almost 90 million. Between 2020 and 2030 alone, the time the last of the baby boom cohorts reach age 65, the number of older adults is projected to increase by almost 18 million. This means by 2030, 1 in 5 Americans is projected to be 65 years old and over.

How do we work with Healthcare Facilities?

We take care of the entire process, so you can focus on hiring employees who are ready to become CNAs

We examine potential errors or gaps in documentation of care, so your managers can be more efficient in this process, focus on patient care and  be survey ready any day.

We create a pipeline of future employees, who you can depend on to support your team and provide direct patient care.